The band IN-SIDE was created and is guided since 2017 by Saal Richmond, keyboardist and composer, and is completed by Beppe Jago Careddu (vocals), Abramo De Cillis (guitars), Gianni Cuccureddu (bass guitars), Marzio Francone (drums & sound engineering).

The band has the main intent of recreating the glorious sound of the 80s, sloghty adapted to current times, with great respect for the original sound and athmospheres and, foremost, without distorting the melodic spirit and phylosophy of the original musical genre. In June 2017, after releasing of the single "The Signs Of Time", the band come in touch with the italian label "Andromeda Relix", having then soon a distribution agreement for the worldwide release of their first studio album "OUTSIDE".

Recordings and production, entrusted to Marzio Francone (drummer of the band and tech guy/sound engineer), took place in Snooky Records Studios located in Collegno (Turin, IT). "OUTSIDE" - digitally released in december 2017 and then in de-luxe digipack cd in january 2018 - is a concept / non concept album made of seven song, played and produced with musical solutions and arrangements that fully reflect the background of the musicians.

In may 2018 the band start working on the second album, called "LIFE", digitally released in december 2019. The physical edition was then released in jewel-box CD in may 2020, published by italian label "Andromeda Relix". At the end of 2020, if all goes well, LIFE will be released in a stunning "old style" vinyl collector's edition!

"LIFE" is an 8 tracks album, the narration is focused on the main events of normal existence, some times extraordinary... Musically more intriguing than ever before, "LIFE" is filled with lots of melodies, fascinating choirs and technical excalations.

Created for exigent listeners, but with an easy approach to good music. Recommended to enthusiasts and fanatics of Alan Parsons Project, Toto, Work Of Art, Europe, Fortune (and so on), the band will be easily appreciated for the technical maturity in songwriting and the fluid execution of the songs, always tinged with AOR tunes, heavy metal passages and pump rock reminiscences, with extensive use of keyboards, guitars and choirs, all exalted by agile and heartbreaking vocals.

It took time to be done, but now "LIFE" is here and is ready to become a rule changer !!