The band IN-SIDE is guided by Saal Richmond (real name, Salvatore Giacomantonio), keyboardist and composer, and is completed by Dave Grandieri (keyboards and choirs), Beppe Jago Careddu (vocals), Simone 'Mono' Bertagnoli (guitars), Abramo De Cillis (guitars), PJ Philip (real name, Giuseppe Sanfilippo: bass guitar and choirs), Marzio Francone (drums, sound engineer).

The band was created with the intention of reproducing the glorious sound of the '80s adapted to modern times, with great respect and without distorting the melodic patterns of the musical genre. In June 2017, after the release of the single "The Signs Of Time", the band come into contact with the italian label "Andromeda Relix", that immediately embraces the Project and plans to release IN-SIDE's first studio album in late 2017.

Recording sessions and production are entrusted to Marzio Francone, drummer and band engineer, and take place in the studios of Snooky Records, placed in Collegno (Turin, IT).

Even if it explores common themes, "Outside" is a not-concept album consisting of seven song, played and produced with musical solutions and arrangements that completely reflect the rock and AOR melodic background of the musicians.

You can consider it as an introductive showcase of the band.